Doctor denying medication

by Shweta Ramkumar

I came across this video in one of the childfree Facebook groups I am a part of and was left utterly shocked 😳, disgusted, disheartened 💔 and enraged😡

As a communications coach in the healthcare space who advocates actively for patient autonomy, healthcare providers respecting their patients’ individual needs and consent and customising their treatment options accordingly, this video was a literal slap 👋 in the face to me both as a childfree woman and all the principles me and my coaching practice stand for.

What kind of a fucked up world do we live in where an unborn non-existent entity holds more importance than the blatantly obvious struggles and suffering an existing alive patient is undergoing who is entitled to the most suited treatment ?

What causes healthcare practitioners to have a God-like complex, feel so entitled to making decisions about a woman’s body based solely on the fact that she has a uterus ?

Not only was the questioning by the medical practitioner insensitive and intrusive, all the patient’s confidential, private health history was violated and the epitome of medical gaslighting was on display left, right and centre, this situation couldn’t have possibly been more distressful or outrageous. I am very glad that she is taking the relevant legal action, hope she is successful and sincerely wish the practitioners’ license be revoked permanently.

Fellow healthcare professionals, I have always said that there is so much room for improvement in the space of patient autonomy, but now I believe that this narrative needs to change radically. Let’s work collectively to build our communication skills towards a more positive, empathetic and compassionate manner so that not only do our patients get the care and treatment that they need and deserve, but to protect ourselves from any such legal mishaps, excel at our careers, get the respect and recognition we deserve and be the epitome of trust and credibility for some of the most vulnerable members of our society

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