About me

Hi, I’m Shweta, and I have been an ‘educator’ in some capacity or other all my life

From teaching Indian languages to extended family members, helping my school peers improve their spelling, grammar and table tennis skills, guiding them through the academic pitfalls of secondary school to working with school and university students closely to accelerate their academic results, teaching, mentoring, facilitating and bringing out the best in others is deeply embedded in my DNA.

I have always had an interest in Languages, Science, working one-on-one with people to share my knowledge and experiences and equipping them with tools and strategies to solve their problems and make a lasting impact on their lives.

I grew up around healthcare professionals and developed a deep passion for that industry.

After two decades of working in the corporate side of both the education and healthcare industries, I’ve developed my current coaching practice that is an amalgamation of my passions, skills, experience and competencies in both industries.

I work closely with healthcare professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds improve their communication skills to build better relationships with their patients, clients and colleagues.

I focus not just on the grammar and vocabulary of the English language, but the broader aspect of communication which entails non-verbal and cultural nuances as well as how to present yourself in a written format to be a strong and effective communicator. 

My coaching style is personalised, student-centered and based heavily on inquiry-based, interactive and collaborative learning

It emphasises on close 1:1 small group mentoring or facilitation from myself, where lessons, activities, exercises and assessment tasks are customised and personalised according to clients’ individual needs, learning styles and in areas that matter to them rather than the conventional cookie-cutter curriculum reliant one size fits all approach.

My coaching gives clients exposure to experiences in the real world beyond the classroom and a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and nuances while improving their communication skills. Regular mutual feedback, progress tracking, self-directed learning and accountability are part and parcel of clients’ learning experiences with me.

Through working with me, my clients have accelerated their academic results, developed a clearer understanding and appreciation of the concepts of different subjects and applied them in an articulate, coherent and confident manner.

I have received positive feedback from my clients, their peers and have formed lifelong relationships with them in the process.

Having worked, lived and traveled to over 40 countries in my lifetime, I am aware of the challenges of living, integrating and finding your feet as an expatriate, having experienced them first hand. My coaching also has elements of expatriate coaching where I equip my clients with the tools, strategies and mindset to help them live happily and successfully in their home(s) away from home