Time after time

by Shweta Ramkumar

Time as a concept has always been an elusive, complicated and abstract one for us to comprehend. Several people argue that it is a man made construct that exists as a reference point to keep us accountable and give us stability, structure and routine in our daily lives. It is a valuable resource that helps us plan, organise and prioritise different facets of our lives.

We often hear people say “I don’t have enough time”, but the truth is everyone has the exact same 24 hours and we have the choice of how to make the best of those hours. It all comes down to what we prioritise as value. If you spend most of your hours at work (obviously), commute, watching Netflix, scrolling on social media and doing less productive tasks, you will naturally not have enough time for things that inevitably will have to be resolved at THE LAST MINUTE. Time management is crucial in all aspects of our lives to be successful, efficient and effective. For me personally, having the freedom and flexibility of time is my biggest value that matters more to me than financial gains or rewards.

The English language has several idioms on time, and in particular, on the lack of time when you end up doing or leaving things till the last minute or something unexpected happens then and are under pressure to complete what’s required within a tight timeframe. All the idioms below represent these concepts and illustrate what happens when aren’t well-organised or planned. Examples of sentences using these idioms can be :

  • It’s HIGH TIME you start being responsible with your life
  • I managed to find a veterinary appointment for my dog at the NICK OF TIME
  • TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE for emergency service workers
  • Trying to meet these deadlines will be a RACE AGAINST TIME
  • I know this is SHORT NOTICE but would I be able to book a table for four tonight at your restaurant ?
  • The babysitter cancelled on them at the ELEVENTH HOUR¬†

What other idioms about time are you familiar with ?
How well do you manage your time ?
Do you have enough time in your day to get everything that you need done ?

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