The importance of active listening

by Shweta Ramkumar

I absolutely love my friend Coralie Ponsinet‘s post below on how we unconsciously sabotage our experiences of truly, attentively & actively listening to people when interacting with them through what we say or do.

There is no doubt that 50-70% of being an effective & authentic communicator comes from having good listening and observational skills. However, a significantly underutilised & invaluable skill set to improvise on within that domain is the art of becoming an ACTIVE LISTENER 🦻🎧👂

Active listening is more than just making eye contact with the person you’re coversing, nodding your head to what they say, throwing in the occasional “uh huh”s and saying “yes” to whatever they say

It has far deeper elements associated with it

It involves giving the other person space to express themselves without letting our preconceived judgements and misconceptions get in the way

Its about holding space for the other person to be vulnerable and authentic

It includes demonstrating to others that you understand where they’re coming from, providing them reassurance, sharing your own valuable experiences and examples to resonate their thoughts and challenges and making them feel validated, supported and appreciated🤗

I call active listening more of an art than skill as it takes time, practice and feedback to get better at it and often stems from our heart space🫀, intuition, values and belief system

Based on my interactions with patients at my radiology job and my own experiences as a patient, the number one source of frustration everyone has with healthcare professionals is that people don’t feel heard or understood by them. The reasons for this could range from the daily pressures of their jobs, the downsides of consuming too social media or not being trained at being or inherently being good listeners. This is the main reason why patients avoid working with certain healthcare professionals

Active listening is an indispensable tool that can make all the difference in connecting more deeply with your patients, demonstrating true empathy, building trust and credibility amongst them and really stand out as a competent, caring and professional healthcare service provider

I will be posting more tips on how to actively listen to our patients on a regular subsequent basis.

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