Reported Speech

by Shweta Ramkumar

Reported speech has come up quite often in my recent English lessons with my European Cohort of students. We have been looking at different grammatical elements of it and have been learning to apply it in a variety of everyday conversations.

So what exactly is Reported Speech ?

Basically it is telling someone what another person or source told or said to them.

Sounds confusing enough ? Allow me to clarify it.

📌My boss told us to complete our timecards this morning.

So I am telling everyone reading this what my boss told me and the rest of my team members. I am REPORTING what he said to us.

📌Similarly, The News📰 headlines said that Barry Humphries died from cardiac arrest🫀.

Here I am reporting to someone what the news said about Barry Humphries (late Australian comedian) death

📌He said he would pick up some dinner 🍜🍲for us on his way home.

📌She told me to clean 🧽my room before the guests arrive.

Notice how all the verbs in reported speech (said, told) are in the simple past tense. This is because they describe an event that took place in the past once and not over a continuous period of time.

We will look at more advanced words in reported speech and some adverbs to describe them subsequently

What other examples of reported speech can you think of ?


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