Public holidays across the world

by Shweta Ramkumar

Tuesday 25th April 2023 was a National Holiday in Australia🇦🇺& New Zealand 🇳🇿for ANZAC Day. Its the National day of commemoration of Australia and New Zealand for victims of war, for recognition of the role of their armed forces and their service to both countries during times inundated with historical conflict.

Dawn Services are held all over both countries to commemorate the people who sacrificed and risked their lives to grant us the freedom that we all get to enjoy. Its also usually followed by marches and parades.

National Holidays are usually recognised for historical, cultural and religious purposes in different countries. When I was living in India 🇮🇳, a country centered heavily on religion (predominantly Hindu🕉Muslim and Sikh) there would be National Holidays for every religious occasion under the sun. It wasn’t unusual to have at least a week off per month for one religious holiday or other, which obviously everyone made the most of. Similarly in Thailand 🇹🇭 the New Year / Songkran celebrations and other Buddhist ☸️ occasions were recognised as National Holidays.

In Australia, which is a secular country, ANZAC Day, Labour Day, Queens’/King’s Birthday👸🤴, Australia Day and celebratory Christmas🎄and Easter are National holidays. Sports play a significant role in Australian culture and hence, each state has public holidays for the sports they’re famous for. In Victoria, where I live, the Grand final of Australian Football League or AFL 🏉 (equivalent to the American Superbowl), Melbourne Cup for 🏇, and Boxing Day to start the annual season of test cricket are also public holidays. Other Australian states have similar days off for Rugby League/Union finals🏈.

When I first moved to Australia I was amused upon hearing of public holidays for sporting events. It was a shock to the system, however, to have only 14 out of 365 days a year off Nationally, which was roughly the number I was used to in India every month or two.

Americans🇺🇸have Memorial Day, Labour Day, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving as their National Holidays. I’ve never attended a 4th of July or Thanksgiving celebrations and would love to be able to do that in my lifetime.

Although I’ve never lived in or visited an Islamic country, I’d venture to guess they would have days off Nationally for Ramadan & Eid☪️. Getting the opportunity to participate in those customs would also be an interesting experience for me.

What National or Public Holidays do you celebrate in your City/State/Country ?

Do they symbolise religious, cultural or historical milestones ?


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