Pauline Hanson’s ‘Beef’ with ‘Foreign Doctors’

by Shweta Ramkumar

Pauline Hanson may be a controversial public figure but she does drop some brutal truthbombs in this post. As per my conversations with several patients, they too agree with the lack of proper communication skills demonstrated by front line healthcare professionals who come from non-English speaking countries. Not only is this evident in the difference in lingo, keywords, slangs and body language between them, the lack of appreciation of cultural nuances from them in their country of residence leads not only to awkward and frustrating moments for both clinicians and patients, faith, trust and reputation can be damaged irreparably in the process too

I am currently designing a program for non-English speaking healthcare professionals to help them improve their communication skills with patients and colleagues in order for them to be recognised, trusted and valued for their experience and expertise and ultimately build better relationships with their patients and work colleagues. I need two more people who are from an ESL background, work in a healthcare field in a clinical capacity and can commit for 3-6 weeks of coaching from me to achieve better results in these areas. If you’re interested in learning more, please DM me for a chat 🙂

Also share your thoughts and experiences with me, have you as a patient experienced frustration and awkwardness when consulting a healthcare clinician who wasn’t fluent in English and couldn’t communicate effectively ? How did you feel after and what feedback did you give to the healthcare service about your experience ?


Hi, I'm Shweta

I coach non-native English speaking healthcare professionals how to advance in their career and build better relationships with their patients and colleagues by expressing themselves more articulately and confidently in the English language.

I work closely with healthcare professionals who work with patients regularly. I help them improve their communication skills when interacting with patients and colleagues, teach them how to show up authentically, assertively and articulately in their field of work in order for them to ultimately gain credibility, validation and respect.

If you work in a clinical role in the healthcare industry and would like to learn more about how to better connect and communicate openly with your clients / patients, book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with me to see how I can best support you.

Shweta Ramkumar - English Language Confidence Coach