Navigating workplace changes with colleagues

by Shweta Ramkumar

Part 2 of my 3 part video series on Dealing with changes in the workplace as a healthcare professional and communicating its impacts to colleagues and patients 👨‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️ 💉 💊 .

Part 2 of this series is about how to work with your colleagues, incorporate teamwork and team spirit in the workplace to embrace, implement and navigate through changes in the workplace as a collective unit 🤝. I focus on

➡️How team work and spirit are crucial in working through workplace changes and their impact at different levels within an organisation

➡️Being proactive and staying updated on changes in the workplace

➡️Making the most of training experience in relation to workplace changes and regular visual reminders of them

➡️Asking questions and clarification of information in relation to workplace changes

➡️Incremental experimentation & evaluation when implementing changes

➡️Showing support to your colleagues, sharing tips, ideas, strategies and hacks with them during times of change to make their lives easier.

Remember that changes in the workplace can significantly impact everyone within different levels of an organisation in various ways. Its fundamentally important to stay as a unified front, contribute your best as a strong team player and showing genuine support and collaborative efforts amongst your colleagues in the process 🤗.

When was the last time there was a big change at your workplace ?

How did it impact your organisation as a whole, different department and individual employees ?

How did your organisation and colleagues support you in navigating through major changes in the workplace ?

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Hi, I'm Shweta

I coach non-native English speaking healthcare professionals how to advance in their career and build better relationships with their patients and colleagues by expressing themselves more articulately and confidently in the English language.

I work closely with healthcare professionals who work with patients regularly. I help them improve their communication skills when interacting with patients and colleagues, teach them how to show up authentically, assertively and articulately in their field of work in order for them to ultimately gain credibility, validation and respect.

If you work in a clinical role in the healthcare industry and would like to learn more about how to better connect and communicate openly with your clients / patients, book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with me to see how I can best support you.

Shweta Ramkumar - English Language Confidence Coach