Guiding male patients through vasectomies

by Shweta Ramkumar

I recently saw a video by Chelsea Handler where she brings up the importance of vasectomies✂️ in men as an effective form of birth control.

Urologists are the specialists who perform this procedure on male patients. They have to not only explain what the procedure entails, its consequences & side effects, they need to mentally prepare them for it by easing feelings of fear 😧 & anxiety 😦they may have and reassure them before and during a process.

Its no surprise that men are apprehensive about experiencing pain. Additionally, talking about & having their balls ⚽️🏀🏈🥎🎾⚾️🏐 and genitals touched by someone, albeit for surgical purposes, and conversations around their sexual health is inherently awkward. Communicating these to your patients as a urologist has to be done in a factual, tactful and empathetic manner, ideally combined with elements of humour and reassurance.

Below are some tips in helping your patient prepare for a vasectomy prior to and during the procedure :

📌Use the various ways in which vasectomies can be performed to your advantage. Ask your patient whether they would prefer it with or without needles, scalpels and general anesthetic so that they can decide what they’re most comfortable with. Giving them options will help you build trust and credibility

📌Outline step by step what the procedure will entail and keep it factual and truthful. Reinforce how quick, simple and non-invasive it is, side effects, healing, recovery process and post surgery steps for permanent sterilisation.

📌Patients may have a lot of questions and concerns about the effect of a vasectomy on their libido and long term sexual health. Remain open to them, demonstrate active listening, use real life examples and reassure them in an informal tone and humorous manner.

📌Respect your patients’ bodily autonomy. Don’t deny someone the procedure due to their age or relationship status. Don’t impose your personal opinions or agenda on them.

If you’re a urologist, what have you found to be the most challenging when communicating about different aspects of a vasectomy to your patients ?

If you work as a healthcare professional in clinical settings with frequent patient interactions and would like to improve your skills on navigating through tricky situations with your patients when you need to communicate effectively with them, schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me to find out how I can best support you.

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