Easter eggs

by Shweta Ramkumar

In light of Easter celebrations and keeping up with the celebratory treat of Easter eggs, let’s egg-spose ourselves to three English idioms involving eggs :

1. Putting all your eggs in one basket

This essentially means that you are putting your focus, hopes and expectations for a positive outcome on solely one thing

For example, relying on only one source of income is like all putting your eggs in one basket (and it is a very risky move ultimately)

2. Walking on eggshells

This implies that you have to be extra cautious and not put yourself in a position to make mistakes, be blamed and eventually disliked. It’s similar to tip-toeing around people so as to not offend or upset them or give them a reason to blame you

For instance, working in a toxic environment is like walking on eggshells, anything you say or do even with good or innocent intentions can be used against you 

3. Egg someone on

This suggests someone encouraging others around them to do reckless, foolish and immature things.

Such as kids love to drive their parents insane by doing inappropriate things and egging on their siblings to do the same

I also thought of another idiom about buns in relation to Hot Cross Buns (another Easter treat)

4. Bun in the oven – Another way of saying that someone is pregnant, something I NEVER want to go through in life !

What other English idioms about eggs, buns or any other holiday treats do you know of ?

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