Deja Vu

by Shweta Ramkumar

Several words and phrases in the English language have actually originated from ancient languages such as Latin, Sanskrit and many European dialects. We also often use French words and phrases when communicating in English and I wanted to focus on one of them today – Deja Vu.

This concept has been a popular song title in a lot of mainstream pop songs by artists such as Beyonce, Olivia Rodrigo and Initial D. It essentially represents the phenomenon of feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before; or in simple terms, history repeating itself. Although your actions or mindset may not have done anything actively to make events from the past reoccur, by sheer coincidence, serendipity or the ‘mysteries of the universe’, you witness or experience the same event(s) after a certain period of time. 

Below is my experience illustrating this. I participate in several childfree forums and groups on Facebook as I am a childfree woman who is very unapologetically outspoken, brutally honest and vocal about my choice, journey and experience in that realm. This obviously makes me a prime target for trolls and several hateful messages. I have included evidence of two incidents that happened six months apart where not only was I attacked for my choice, but also picked on for my appearance. I don’t know either of these women, though one of them claimed to be in a childfree group that I administer. What amused me was both these women having a go at me for the same reasons – my childfree choice and appearance, and sending me long hateful DMs about them after stalking my profile. They both happened six months apart by two different women who attacked me for the same reason. I wasn’t upset or offended, just amused, surprised and confused by not only Deja Vu in action but the sheer misery, vindictiveness, bitterness, anger & negativity that possessed them to act this way.

I’m not looking for sympathy or support due to this incident, nor is it going to silence my thoughts as a childfree woman. It is one of the dark, ugly sides of being on social media. It’s upto me whether to let it affect me negatively or bounce back from it, and I’ve done the latter, and found a bit of humour in the process too. Not to mention that these incidents gave me the idea to post content about Deja Vu on Linkedin so that’s definitely a win !

Other French words that I know of used commonly in English communication are :

  • Restaurant
  • Ballet
  • Facade
  • Omelette
  • Chauffer 

Have you experienced Deja Vu in your life ?

What French words used in English have you heard of and use often ?

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