Are ultrasounds only for pregnant women?

by Shweta Ramkumar

What is wrong with this picture 📸?

Or in this case video ?

While there is a lot of accurate information on the working hours, workload and daily responsibilities of sonographers or ultrasound technicians, its giving a very short sighted view of what their jobs actually entail

When I first started training at my current radiology job🩻and was introduced to ultrasounds, my trainer began by saying that the biggest misconception patients had about them was :


I was personally very surprised to hear that as I had my first ever ultrasound at the age of 10 of my kidneys (when I was obviously too young to get pregnant, 27 years on and I’d like to keep it that way till my last breath🤰🏽❌!)

They’re performed not just done on pregnant women to check the health and growth of the foetus. Patients of all ages and genders can get ultrasounds done on any part of organ in the body. These can include their liver, kidney, bladder, knee🦵, ankle, foot🦶, breast or chest, arm, leg, hands and fingers🖐, shoulder💪, pelvis, neck, thyroid gland, brain🧠and blood vessels. They give you a clear picture of the structure and functionality of different organs, muscles, connective tissues and the blood supply around them.

I have the greatest respect for radiology technicians as not only do they have to be methodical and precise when performing scans, they need to be technically savvy in using state of the art medical equipment thoroughly and accurately. Additionally, since they work closely and regularly with patients, they also need to connect and communicate well with them. Hence, developing and demonstrating empathy and active listening for them is a must to be competent and excel at their jobs.

If you’re a sonographer, have you ever had patients ask you why and how you’re performing an ultrasound on them when they’re not pregnant ? How did you dispel their myth ?

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